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Dec 17, 12:00 PM

Skills/tech: PHP, GD library, MYSQL, lotsa Illustrator & Photoshop

CoMo Rentals logoThis was a medium-sized project I sort of assigned myself a while back. The impetus came from trying to find a decent yet affordable place: in Columbia, a completely annoying and involved task. I just wanted something simple, were you could search for specific attributes, browse by price and area, etc. Something that was as easy to place an ad as to find the one you were looking for. I think I succeeded. It was a good project, and I learned a lot about how not to do certain things. I also learned more than a few lessons regarding promotions, which - as I doubt you've heard of it - goes without saying.

So this project is in limbo now, while I decide whether or not to pursue it further. I still think there's a market for it, even though Columbia sports its own craigslist. For one thing, I don't think craigslist is very professional-looking, and that's a concern for image-conscious property management companies (for instance); to whit: it's ugly and lacks presentation. For another, besides the (decidedly search-opaque) local classified ads, it's the only game in town. And the only thing you'll find in the bigger & fancier rental search sites are cookie-cutter duplexes and overpriced apartments in the gigantic complexes... which is fine if that's what you're looking for, but not everyone is. I think this town wants better, needs better, and there are enough people (especially college folk) who move often enough for it to be useful at least several times per person (and their roommates, and their younger siblings, etc).

Don't look for this to go live right now, as I'm in the middle of deciding if it's worth a new look and reprogramming all of the bits. Try it out: you can register, place an ad, check out the other ads that have been placed, manage your ads, and so much more. (Well not that much more, but a bit more.) It all works.

**Click here to test it out. This is just the test version, for prospective landlords to try out and see how it works and what it looks like. So if you're a landlord, or just want to pretend, log in and place an ad.

Schlocky promotional verbiage

Tired of combing the "For Rent" classifieds and calling dozens of landlords asking the same questions again and again? Are you a landlord and dissatisfied with the measly three or four lines in the newspaper, and tired of answering the same questions again and again? Well CoMo Rentals is just for you.

It's a searchable rental classified ad database. Click here and find your new place today!

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